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"I can find out all I want to know about the Dell line of Switches...pricing, functionality, options, and their applicability to environment - will they work for me and are they a good value."

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In today's world, getting the business depends on getting the results. Leadix not only provides agencies' clients the reporting they need, but offers a unique opportunity to generate the qualified leads that make a campaign truly successful.

Solutions for Agencies

Here are some of the benefits that the Leadix platform offers agencies:

  • Leadix allows advertisers to cost-effectively create a real-time, customized marketing message targeted to their customers
  • Leadix becomes a new lead generation tool for agencies to add to their roster of services
  • Unique features include lead generation tools, up-to-the minute performance reports, forums, content enhancements, and "send to a friend" button for extended audience reach
  • Advertisers can determine immediate ROI and optimize campaigns for better performance
  • Leadix provides outstanding reporting capabilities with 24/7 access, enabling advertisers to analyze and understand a user's behavior and interaction within the SiteCenter, and allowing advertisers to optimize their messaging and media placements for maximum ROI

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Success Stories

Five hundred leads in less then 72 hours was the result for a Hewlett Packard campaign run on the ResourceCenter platform. Launched in more then 12 European countries, the HP campaign was a tremendous success for all involved parties.


"With the Leadix platform, we were able to launch an exciting and detailed web 2.0 portal focused on closed-cell spray foam insulation within a very short period of time." - Pattie Q. Pan, Director of Marketing Communications, Honeywell International Inc.

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